Self-Directed Retirement Plan

W&E Group is also affiliated with a professional company, that is specialized in setting up your self-directed retirement account (solo 401K Trust or IRA LLC) with your LLC, Corporation, or even sole proprietorship.  With this self-directed retirement account (either Roth solo 401K or solo 401K), you can contribute up to $53,000 annually (both from you as an employee and from your company as employer) or $59,000 if older than 50-year-old.  The solo 401K strategy is not only to defer your annual income tax dramatically if you are running a profitable company, but also to provide you opportunities to invest in non-traditional assets, such as mortgage notes, rental properties, and private money lending. You can truly diversify your investment portfolio,gain steady passive income and no longer worry about future stock market crashes and the possibility of running out your retirement money. The Roth solo 401K can use the after-tax profits from your company to further invest in non-traditional assets Tax FREE!

We have set up our solo 401K since 2008 that has only invested in passive projects, such as private lending, rental properties..etc.  In less than eight years, we have doubled our money and we were not impacted by 2008 stock market crash at all. You are welcome to contact us for more details. This strategy has been very popular among investors who want to build their wealth by investing non-stock investments with long-term stable returns. For more information, please visit this link or contact us:

我們公司也和一個專門替公司行號建立退休金計劃 (solo 401K Plan) 的公司有合作關係。有了這些自管的退休金計劃( either Roth solo 401K or solo 401K), 您可以投入高達$53,000 一年的金額做為退休基金來减免所得稅(從自己及公司兩方面都可以投入),如果您是五十歲以上,則可放入$59,000。這個措施不但可以免掉您每年得付的 高收入稅,也提供您機會來買非傳統的投資品,像是抵押票據,租房產,私人借款等等, 讓您辛苦存下來的退休金走出不能預料的股票市場。這樣一來,您就可以真正的進行多樣化投資,得到長期穩定的非工作報酬, 而且不會再有股市大跌怎麼辦及如果退休金用完了的憂慮了。如果您成立的是Roth solo 401K 计画,则可以用公司報完税後的利润, 繼續投资,完全不上税!

我們公司在2008 年成立的 solo 401K,只投資在租房產 及私人借款上,不但沒有受到2008 年股市大跌的負面影響,反而在短短不到八年的時間,漲了一倍多。歡迎和我們聯絡來了解一下這個目前在投資人中非常熱門的措施,用退休金來買不是股票的投資 品,做長期穩定的投資。