Investing Projects

W&E Group has on-going investing projects in Indiana and has partnered with other investors to provide turnkey properties and cash-flow properties that have seasoned tenants and property management company in place.  We are looking for people who want to build long-term relationship with us, including to be our private lenders and/or jointed venture partners to invest real estate with us. We would also like to know your buying criteria and work with you to locate great off-market investments.

我們公司在印地安那州會有不斷的投資個案, 而且和不少有多年經驗的房產公司有合作關係。提供給您專業翻修過後的房產及已出租的有專人管理的房產。我們除了提供投資產品也希望能和您建立長久的互利關係, 包括成為我們的私人借款人或是合资夥伴。我們也要了解您的買投資的目標, 進而幫您找到好的未上市的投資產品。

W&E Group is offering our Joint Venture/One-on-One Coaching program (both in English and Mandarin Chinese) to people who have a desire to learn RE investing by working with us as joint venture partners and get paid. We can meet with you or have short phone consultation to explain our program in detail.  Contact us at (317) 324-8064 or send us an email at

我們公司提供“一對一房產投資教學計劃” (中文及英文)針對有興趣學房產投資也願意成為我們公司投資個案的合作人,和我們一起賺錢。我們可以和您面對面詳談,或打電話和您會談,讓您多了解我們的經營方向及理念。請和我們聯絡。

Other than the local investment properties that you can choose from, W&E Group belongs to a large national exclusive group that offers an Investor Buying Summit every month in Las Vegas.  Once we know your buying criteria, we can access the inventory that includes raw land, buildable lots, mortgage notes, Tax liens, commercial properties, turnkey properties and cash-flow properties NATIONWIDE, and assist you to make the purchase.

除了找附近的投資房產,我們公司也屬於一個全國性但獨家的組織,每個月會在拉斯維加斯城舉辦 “投資人買賣大聚會”。我們在了解您的買投資目標之後,可以進入這個組織的全美國產品目錄裡,幫您找到進而購買您要的投資品, 包括未開發的土地,蓋房的建地,抵押票據,稅收留置權, 商業房產,專業翻修過後的房產及已出租的有專人管理的房產等等。