W&E Group was established in 2007 by Darrell from the West/Indiana, U.S.A and Sunny from the East/Taiwan, R.O.C. We have been investing in real estate ourselves for the past years and have met many successful professionals and built good relationship with other investors, attorneys, property management companies, real estate agents/brokers, general contractors and real estate assets companies.

W&E Group 是由來自美國印地安納州的懂銳(西方West)和來自中華民國台灣的桑妮(東方East) 2007 成立的。我們在這些年裡,經營我們的房地產投資,也建立了和許多房產投資專業人員的良好合作關係。

Our services which can be provided in both English and Mandarin Chinese include:
我們可以用雙語 (英文及中文)來提供服務:

1. Real Estate Investing 101: FREE one-hour phone consultation for beginners who want to learn about real estate investing.

2. Self-Directed Retirement Fund Set-up: We have worked with a professional group since 2008 to set up our Solo 401K Trust. This allows us to buy non-traditional investmentsmostly in real estate and invest them passively for our retirement. Without any impacts from the 2008 Stock Market crash, our fund has grown in double in just eight years! We can help to answer any question you might have and refer you to set up your own self-directed retirement plan.
我們在2008 年建立了自管的退休金計劃 (solo 401K Trust)。開始投資非傳統的投資項目,絕大部分是在房產投資上。我們不但沒有受到美國股市在2008 年大跌的影響,在短短的八年內,退休金反而漲了一倍多!我們可以解答您的相關問題,介紹您給專業公司成立您自己的自管的退休金計劃。

3. Real Estate Investing Properties: We want to learn about your search criteria and work with you to find your investments. We have relationship working with local Indiana and Ohio real estate investing companies to find your investments. Being part of a nationwide asset company, we also have accesses to notes, move-in ready rental properties, monthly cashflow rental properties, buildable lots or raw lands, and even commercial properties NATIONWIDE to find your investments!

4. Real Estate Investing Projects: We have on-going projects and can refer other experienced investors’ projects for you to be the private money lenders or joint venture partners. These projects can be short-term (six months to a year) or long-term (two to five years).  For people who want to start investing in real estate, we are offering one-on-one coaching program for you to invest your money and learn RE investing hands-on.

5. Real Estate Professional Services: We can help you with any local real estate services as Darrell is a licensed broker/agent in Indiana and can refer you to other professionals who are in different states for investment search, selling/buying real estate, and/or property management service.
我們可以提供任何在印地安納州房產投資上的專業服務。也可以找到在其他州的專業人員替您找投資項目, 買賣房產,及提供房產管理服務。
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